Phantom 377L – too much of a beast?

I finally had the opportunity to test out the Phantom 377L! IT was a nice Sunday evening so rigged up my ancient IMCO 7.4 sail, wrapping some old socks around the mast extension to prevent damage to the board. I fitted the rear fin and headed out carefully in the shallow waters. Continue reading Phantom 377L – too much of a beast?

The Phantom arrives

After the long wait my first ever new longboard arrived. For years I always wanted to have a new modern race longboard. We don’t have racing but there is something about the way a longboard sails that is captivating, it just glides so majestically through the chop.

phantom 377L Continue reading The Phantom arrives

windsurfing with the moths

My friends Tom and James who sail very hi-tech dinghies called Moths came out and joined me on a very light wind Sunday afternoon.

The wind was super light so at first struggled to get on the plane, but eventually there was enough to get going and once it got up to around 14 knots or so could on the reaches at least stay reasonably matched in speed at around 21 knots or so. I have an older Starboard  Free Formula and Neil Pryde  10m RS Slalom sail, both probably from around 2007.