Getting the hang of the Phantom

My initial session with the Phantom left me fairly beat up and wondering what I got myself into! I got back out again in slightly more wind to join a friend who is a good laser sailor.

To make things easier I sorted out little details such as the upwindstraps so I could actually get my feel in them. going upwind I always moved the track to the almost to the front position which kept the board tracking and made the railing much more controllable. At some point I realized I had to get back into longboard mode gybing, which means swinging the hips inwards and contorting the rig outwards, even in carve gybing.

It ended up being a great session as I did some speedy runs past my mate and his laser. He was good to also give suggestions where he could see technique could be improved on. The vid has this session, but I also added a session from the day before on my old Protech Z-26 and Neil Pryde 7.2 RS Slalom.

I feel the new board and myself are beginning to gel and going to look forward when I get the new 9.5 rig! 🙂


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