Kiteboarders Foiling Windsurfer

We had some great wind the weekend before last so on the Sunday joined up with my kiteboarding friends.

It was a perfect sort of day, sunny out and about 22 knots of wind. The NW wind meant we sailed out of Somerset Long bay which provides an easy launch for kiteboarding. I had never used the GoPro to film the kiters, so was interested to see how it would come out!

The kiters were faster than myself on the wave board. Following the foil board was mesmerizing, watching it glide effortlessly over the surface of the water. The way it accelerates and flies upwind is very impressive! Getting in some jumping action was a little tricky as getting the windsurfer to bear off the wind to keep up was hard. Found out having the kite upwind for the launch was best and also kept the sail from blocking the camera.

All in all was a fun day and got home a little sunburnt!

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