Phantom 377L – too much of a beast?

I finally had the opportunity to test out the Phantom 377L! IT was a nice Sunday evening so rigged up my ancient IMCO 7.4 sail, wrapping some old socks around the mast extension to prevent damage to the board. I fitted the rear fin and headed out carefully in the shallow waters.

My first session was one of mixed feelings. The board glides amazingly in the glassy waters with so little effort. On the flip side I found I was struggling to control the board. My concern was should I have purchased the regular Phantom 377, rather than the 377L?

The large rails generate a lot of power and I found myself working hard to keep the board from railing over. Gybing was also a challenge and I basically fell in for the majority of them! So the feelings about the board have been mixed, did I make the right choice?

Here is the vid of that first session:


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