The Phantom arrives

After the long wait my first ever new longboard arrived. For years I always wanted to have a new modern race longboard. We don’t have racing but there is something about the way a longboard sails that is captivating, it just glides so majestically through the chop.

phantom 377L

Where it comes to choosing the longboard, the new Starboard Phantom 377 is king! When it first came out I was a bit lukewarm about it’s appearance, the wings on the tail messed up the classic tapering of the tail. After a while reading the reviews and seeing more images of it I grew to like the design and the radical concept.

Starboard make both the 377 and the 377L. Technically the L is for sailors over 176lbs, but the designer suggests that for lightwind sailing even lightweights will find the larger volume board superior.

This is the quote from Remi on the Starboard forum:

The 377 L have 30 liters more than 377. Rails are much thicker to allow more light wind performances for heavy riders. If we consider that Race Board have to race between 3 to 35 knots then over 80 kgs will be better on 377 L but also if you race only in light wind condition this board will be good for you.

It’ll be fun this summer cruising the many small islands¬†around Bermuda on the¬†new toy. I have also ordered a 9.5 Severne Raceboard sail to use on it, so it is all pretty exciting!

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